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Google SEO

Facebook's post and listing is not SEO Friendly, cannot last longer and only have very low organic reach. You need to spent many time for the post, but it doesn't bring any business or improvement to your business.

But eated.my could ! All of our content, posting and products/item are SEO Friendly to ensure that you can possesses a high exposure with lowest efford and cost and let every pontential customer can find you on Google !

WhatsApp Express Checkout

Visitor can add your product into their shopping cart and use our WhatsApp Express Checkout function to complete the order without any annoying register or download step !

You can manage order by using eated.my's merchant backend. With this automated system, it not only can save your time and efford, it also elimating the mistake to complete a order.

Accept unlimited order from your smartphone without any charges and commissions.

Digitalizing your menu

Our digital platform will help you transform your physical menu into a money-making webpage. Turn people visiting our page into regular food clients´╝ü

With our merchant system, you can upload, categorize all your product & food. Providing a menu to your customer and visitor in a comprehensive ways to attract them.

Complete report and data

eated.my platform records every data that helps on your business. You can view detailed report and data with our merchant system. Get insights about everything from your page, product and category views and discover how eated help your business !

Up to date merchant system

Merchant can login to eated.my merchant system via their mobile devices and laptop. Providing you efficient and easier ways for content management and also a detailed reports.

We promise to keep improving our merchant system and provide more features to boost your business and make everything easier.

Move forward, or you'll fall behind

This is one of the core value in businesses, but it is easiest to get neglected. We couldn't stop enemy or competitor to improve, the only things we could do is did better than them.

Though eated.my digital marketing, you can build your own audiences faster, expand your market and make your company & brand more popular with lowest cost.

Gain a decisive victory from thousand miles away.

Just with those points above, Digital Marketing is your just ATM.

Join us now !

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