About Us

Helping Great Businesses Build Audiences

Your job is to make appetizing and yummy food. Our job is build the best customer interactions and connect with your audiences… using a internet platform.

We have been in digital marketing business for over few years, having close relationship and work with some of the best advertising and design agencies around and can tackle everything from ad campaigns to brand guidelines. Our target and purpose is to help any food related business in Malaysia to enlarge their exposure and bring more business opportunities to them.

In order to achieve the target with this platform, we will need someone who is

  • Intend to expand their business
  • Patience and able handle inquiries
  • Passion to build up own successful brand
  • Want to have extremely high online exposure
  • Looking for best and cost-effective advertising

Feel free to ignore this, but if you need a place for advertising and let everyone can knows about your products, eATEd might be worth a try. We are pretty decent at this industry, but it might not be your sort of things. See what you think.

- MALAYSIA BEST Food & Beverage Platform

What's inside ?

Here is what you can find in eATEd, if you are looking for those...... you come to the right place.

Restaurants & Store

Beverages & Drinks


Homemade Dishes


Fast Food



Snack & Fingerfood

Qualified Certification

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